Welcome to the homepage of the new Institute of Industry-Academia Innovation (IAI), founded in 2020.

The institute is conceived as an agent that facilitates the ELTE Faculty of Informatics’ research and excellence through university-industry collaboration in action. As such it is responsible for all industry cooperation of the Faculty of Informatics. It bundles the competences and resources of industry endowed departments (Data Science and Engineering - Deutsche Telekom/Magyar Telekom; Artificial Intelligence – Bosch), as well as departments focusing on project work, including Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

.A typical result of research is an invention (among other result types). An invention that generates impact (e.g. market impact) is called an innovation. The systematic creation of innovations is the subject of innovation management and entrepreneurship.

At the IAI we have an integrated approach of research, education, and innovation. We enrich the classic curriculum and research portfolio in computer science with an integrated approach to Digital Innovation while keeping and extending the technical excellence in core computer science. As a result, IAI, on one hand can open doors of opportunities for ELTE students by enriching their academic journey with practical experience with industry. On the other hand, for the collaborating industrial partners, among others IAI can provide access to newest insight from basic research, as well as sourcing of highly qualified project staff.

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